Unit 1 Chapter 3 Making a Mango Pickle

Meanings 1.Dumbo:a stupid person 2.Mimic:imitate 3.Guilty: responsible for a specified wrong doing 4. Gobble up:to swallow or eat hastily 5.Undertone:muted tone of sound. Question Answer 1.What similarities do you find between Apu and Durga? Ans:They are siblings and both like to...
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Class 6 Unit 1,Chapter 2-The Little Boy and The Old Man

THE LITTLE BOY AND THE OLD MAN SHELDON ALLAN :an American poet, singer,cartoonist, screenwriter and author of children’s books. He is famous for his poems and theatre practices. The Little Boy and the Old Man is taken from the book Words Alive which includes a number of poems. I....
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Lesson 1 Life with Grandfather

1 .Who follows Raja like a shadow? a)Grandfather b) Uncle c) Grandmother d) Father Ans : Grandmother 2. Who left Raja with his grandparents? a) Mother b) Father c) Relatives d) Uncle Ans : Father 3. Which flower did grandfather pluck? a) Rose b) Sandalwood c) Jasmine d) Lilly Ans...
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