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    1. Do not use mobile phones in the campus.
    2. Gifts, tips or favours of any kind to school staff are strictly prohibited.
    3. Identity cards to be carried by the guardians while visiting their wards.
    4. Damage to school property within the campus is prohibited
    5. Smoking in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  1. Coming late to class/activity will be dealt with by the concerned teacher, with a note to the RHP. Repeaters will be placed on detention.
  2. Reporting late after sanctioned leave/night or day out is not expected and will be dealt with strictly. Repeaters may not be allowed for two (2) subsequent scheduled outings.
All students are expected to demonstrate responsibility and care for Ebenezer Higher Secondary School. Vandalism and defacement of school property including textbooks, transcripts, technology, and other school-owned materials are suspendable offenses (Code of Discipline 7.7.2). Students may be required to make restitution and/or perform agreed upon services for restitution.
Students who violate the Code of Discipline (Section 5.8) and jeopardize their own safety and the safety of others may be denied student transportation. Students should understand that video cameras have been installed in some vehicles to monitor activity. Tapes may be used as evidence in disciplinary hearings. Pupils who are assigned to school buses must conduct themselves properly and obey the following regulations:
  1. Remain seated while bus is in motion.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and head inside bus.
  3. Opening and closing windows and doors are not allowed except by the driver.
  4. Riders must not play with the school bus or any of its equipment.
  5. Engage in quiet talk.
  6. Keep books, packages, coats and objects out of the aisle.
  7. Do not throw anything out of the bus windows
  8. Smoking is never allowed on the bus.

In order to maintain the dignity/ethics of the School a student may be suspended, by the Principal or Vice Principal of the School, on the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, on the following grounds: repeated exhibition of disrespect to superiors; poor conduct during School activities unethical acts of violence, disrespect, language; physical behaviour towards peers/ seniors/ subordinates; poor attendance or breaking of School rules. The student will be sent home either with the parents or escorted by a member of staff. The period of suspension may last from seven (7) days to fourteen (14) days.
With the larger interest of student community in mind the Principal has discretionary powers to expel a student, if she/he has shown great disregard to the School discipline repeatedly, shown disrespect to the School ethics; has been unable to come to the expected academic standards inspite of regular intervention has, through her behaviour, brought the School community into disrepute; has a medical condition that may harm the well being of others. The student will be permanently removed from the School rolls and will be sent home. She shall not be taken back in the School under any circumstances and shall also not become an Alumni of the School

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